University College London

Tarit conducted his undergraduate studies in Biochemical Engineering at UCL and his Masters at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

He conducted his engineering doctorate in a joint venture between UCL and the Health Protection Agency, working on 2 vaccine of commercial interest, a novel Meningitis B vaccine based upon the outer membrane proteins of N.lactamica and the UK licensed Anthrax vaccine. As part of his doctoral studies in a joint project with the Health Protection Agency and Prof Gary Lye in the IMRC in Bioprocessing, Tarit focused on the development of a microwell platform for rapid vaccine development. This platform was applied to the development of a new Meningitis B vaccine now in clinical trials. The platforms usefulness and robustness was also tested with the UK Anthrax Vaccine, (AVP) – utilised to gather deeper process insight under ACDP Class 3 conditions.

Shortly after completing his doctorate he was appointed lecturer in the Department of Biochemical Engineering, UCL, where he heads up the new vaccine bioprocess research portfolio and has an interest in virus vaccines. He is currently working on Japanese Encephalitis virus vaccine, Hepatitis B, and the use of Lentiviruses for Gene Therapy, with an interest in upstream, downstream processing and PAT.