What can teachers and students experience at an Education in Action event?

Whether your interest lies in an A-level, IB, GCSE, or KS3 event, we guarantee an enriching educational experience characterised by: 

  • Renowned speakers and experts in their fields
  • Cutting-edge content pushing the boundaries of knowledge
  • Mind-bending demonstrations and thought-provoking presentations
  • Exam hints, tips and guidance
  • Engaging sessions encouraging student interaction
  • Opportunities to ask the experts questions

Our promise? We work hard to create events that bring classroom subjects to life. Each event seamlessly blends classroom theory with real-world wonder, sparking curiosity and enriching your teaching curriculum!

Is the content relevant to the curriculum?

Yes! Our events enrich curriculum subjects by building on them and connecting concepts to real-world applications, showing students the exciting possibilities beyond exams.

Get your SLT on board!

Do you need help convincing your leadership? Let us help. Present our proven benefits:

  • Elevate student aspirations
  • Improves academic performance
  • Good use of Pupil Premium funds
  • Positive teacher feedback from previous attendees

Get your students on board!

Do you need help convincing reluctant students? Share the points below:

  • Chance to meet distinguished speakers
  • Unique opportunity to hear from examiners
  • Great talking point for UCAS applications
  • Positive student feedback from previous attendees

Help us shape our future events  

A pivotal contributor to the success of Education in Action is the invaluable input from teachers. Your insights and observations can help shape the selection of topics and guide us in identifying impactful speakers. Our teacher advisory groups are composed of a select number of educators, who serve as a compass, offering targeted feedback on events and materials. 

If you’re interested in joining our teacher advisory board, please follow the instructions displayed in the side panel. As a member, you can anticipate a scheduled phone call and sometimes virtual meetings soliciting your insights on specific concepts. Additionally, we may organize virtual meetings to discuss forthcoming ideas.

To thank you for your support, we extend an offer of ten complimentary tickets with your booking for any Education in Action event of your choice.