Autumn 2023 – bookings now open!

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming programme for Autumn 2023, packed with exciting and inspirational events delivered by world class speakers across the GCSE and A-Level curriculum. All of our study days are designed to take students out of the classroom to expand their horizons to the forefront of their subjects, with plenty of careers guidance and expert advice for exams along the way.

You can join us at the Emmanuel Centre in London, at Warwick University and University of Birmingham in the Midlands, or at King’s House Conference Centre in Manchester. For those who cannot attend in person we will be live streaming some of our London dates and booking for those is now open too. Booking amendments can be made up to 28 days prior to the event.

Art and Design in Action: 8th December- London 

Biology in Action: 6th November – Coventry or 10th November – London or 20th November – Manchester or 28th November – London & Online

Chemistry in Action: 7th November – Coventry or 13th November – Manchester or 17th November – London or 4th December – London & Online

Computer Science in Action: 29th November – London & Online 

Design and Technology in Action: 1st December – London & Online

Economics in Action: 9th November – London & Online

English in Action- Aspects of Tragedy: 7th November – London & Online

English in Action – Love Through the Ages: 20th November – London & Online

Geography in Action: 2nd November – London & Online

History in Action – Power and Politics in the Tudor Era: 6th November – London & Online 

History in Action – Russia and Revolution: 14th November – London & Online

Maths in Action: 3rd November – London & Online or 16th November – London or 22nd November – Coventry or 24th November – Manchester

Physics in Action: 1st November – London or 16th November – Birmingham or 21st November – Manchester or 6th December – London & Online

Psychology in Action: 23rd November – London or 11th December – London

Sociology in Action: 13th November – London

GCSE English in Action: 5th December – London

GCSE Maths in Action: 17th November – Birmingham or 7th December – London

GCSE Science in Action: 27th November – London or 23rd January – Coventry