Date & time

Mon, 13 Dec 2021
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW
or Online

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About this day

For A-level students

This autumn sees the return of our fascinating and challenging Sociology in Action enrichment programme to London. The event will also be live streamed, allowing access for all. Through a thought-provoking, inspirational series of talks, leading experts will tackle a range of challenging questions pertaining to how society functions and the factors that experience life in today’s world. Offering students a unique chance to hear inspirational speakers grapple with today’s major sociological questions, this programme is guaranteed to leave them brimming with new ideas and perspectives.

The event will be chaired by Dr Marian Duggan from the University of Kent, with a special session on exam succes delivered by teacher Ian Luckhurst.


Programme & speakers

Re-thinking poverty as an explanation for women’s offending Dr Jennifer Fleetwood

Poverty is often taken for granted as a common-sense explanation for women’s offending. Yet, there are some major problems with this theory. This talk outlines the importance of understanding women’s criminalisation. Further, it argues for the value of hearing women for understanding their involvement in crime of all sorts.

Dr Jennifer Fleetwood

About Dr Jennifer Fleetwood

Dr Jennifer Fleetwood is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her book Drug mules: Women in the international cocaine trade, won the British Society of Criminology book prize in 2015. More recently she co-edited the Emerald Handbook of Narrative Criminology (2019).

BME experiences in higher education: policy making, social justice and white privilege Professor Kalwant Bhopal

This lecture will explore the experiences of BME staff and students in higher education. It will focus on how racism and exclusion work to perpetuate white privilege.

Professor Kalwant Bhopal

About Professor Kalwant Bhopal

Kalwant Bhopal is Professor of Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on processes of racism, exclusion and marginalisation in white spaces. Her book, White Privilege: the myth of a post-racial society, came out in 2018 and her most recent book, Race and Education, has just been published.

Identity and socialisation - who we are and who we can be Dexter Dias KC, Human rights barrister

Using cutting-edge human rights, neuroscientific and psychological research, Dexter Dias QC will introduce you to ten types of human that inhabit your mind and in doing so, explore the links between socialisation and identity.

Dexter Dias KC

About Dexter Dias KC

Dexter Dias KC is a human rights barrister and Deputy High Court Judge who has been instructed in some of the biggest cases of recent years involving human rights, murder, crimes against humanity, terrorism and war crimes.

Shameless, oversexed and fake: working-class lives in British media Professor Helen Wood

This talk will look across the ways in which the working class have been represented in recent British media – from the tabloid language of ‘scroungers’, to television’s ‘poverty porn’ and to ordinary celebrity ‘trainwrecks’.

Professor Helen Wood

About Professor Helen Wood

Helen Wood is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies in the department of Sociology at the University of Lancaster. She is author of numerous books and articles on television, class and gender including Talking With Television (University of Illinois Press) and with Beverley Skeggs Reacting to Reality Television (Routledge) and Reality Television and Class (BFI). She was also parliamentary adviser to select committee inquiry into reality television (2019) and is editor of the European Journal of Cultural Studies.

‘Gangs’ on Trial: The implications of joint enterprise for young people involved in violent crime Dr Tara Young

Joint enterprise has been described as a ‘dragnet’ and ‘lazy law’ drawing disproportionate numbers of young people from marginalised communities into the criminal justice system. Using findings from a 2.5-year study exploring young people’s friendships, legal consciousness and involvement in violent crime, Dr Young will critically examine the application and impact of joint enterprise on black and mixed-heritage boys and young men.

Dr Tara Young

About Dr Tara Young

Tara Young is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Kent.  Her research focuses on anti-social behaviour and violent crime committed by young people involved in ‘gangs’. As a body of work, it critically examines the perception of ‘gangs’ as a major contributor to serious violence in England and Wales and criminal justice responses to group-related violence. Dr Young’s current research critically examines the application and impact of the principles of secondary liability (commonly known as joint enterprise) in cases of group related violence. She is interested in the disproportionate application of joint enterprise in criminal cases involving people from minoritized communities and the racialised notions of dangerousness and risk that influence the investigative and prosecutorial practices in such cases.