Date & time

Tue, 20 Nov 2018
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

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About this day

Psychology in Action: Power of the Mind is a wide-ranging programme examining the theories and applications of psychology in the modern world. Five incredibly engaging sessions will help students realise their potential and discover the impact they can have on the world. Join renowned speakers from academia, medicine, industry and commerce for an unmissable day, complemented by a special session on examination success.

“Every speaker was very enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable and really got our students interested!”

Programme & speakers

Clinical psychology in practice James Piercy, Science Communicator

James Piercy started his interest in clinical psychology as a patient, after suffering a serious brain injury. Join his exploration of the psychological effects of injury and how we test and measure function.

James Piercy

About James Piercy

James Piercy works as engagement and involvement manager at Queen Mary University London and is a science communicator, trainer and consultant. He spends much of his time encouraging patient involvement in medical research and has spoken at school and festivals around the world.

Hypnosis Martin S Taylor, Psychology communicator

Hypnosis isn’t the mysterious mind-control technique that many people believe: it’s a cocktail of several well-understood psychological principles. Martin will give a brief outline of these principles, and then use volunteers to demonstrate the illusion of mind control.

Martin S Taylor

About Martin S Taylor

Martin S Taylor became interested in hypnosis when studying computing at Imperial College, London. He now makes his living talking about hypnosis at schools, universities, and private events.

Facing your fears is good for you - but only if you are in control Warren Mansell, University of Manchester

People are often told to ‘face their fears’ in ‘exposure’ therapy. But should people be persuaded to do this? Or should they approach them at their own pace? Warren uses a theory known as perceptual control theory for the answer.

Warren Mansell

About Dr Warren Mansell

Warren is a clinical psychologist and the author. He espouses a ‘universal’ approach to mental health and studies the essential role of control in everyday life.

Can you really rewire the adult brain? Caroline Williams, Science journalist and author

In theory the answer is ‘yes’, but no one seems to know exactly how to do it. Caroline has been examining neuroplasticity and volunteering herself as a guinea pig to find out.

Caroline Williams

About Caroline Williams

Caroline is a science journalist and author who has written extensively for New Scientist magazine, the Guardian, BBC Future, BBC Earth and the Boston Globe.

When people don't obey: why (almost) everything you thought you knew about Zimbardo and Milgram is wrong Stephen Reicher, University of St Andrews

Join Stephen to consider Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram’s Yale Obedience studies in a new light, and discover why the usual interpretations regarding conformity are not necessarily supported by the evidence.

Stephen Reicher

About Professor Stephen Reicher

Stephen’s research at the University of St Andrews is in the area of social psychology, focusing on group processes such as crowd behaviour, tyranny and leadership.