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Thu, 3 Dec 2020
9:45 - 14:45



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About this day

For A level and IB students

Psychology in Action: Power of the Mind is a wide-ranging programme examining the theories and applications of psychology in the modern world, and is coming to you live-streamed and online in 2020! Five incredibly engaging sessions will help students realise their potential and discover the impact they can have on the world. Join renowned speakers from academia, medicine, industry and commerce for an unmissable day, complemented by a special session on examination success.

“Every speaker was very enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable and really got our students interested!”

Programme & speakers

The Art of Rest - why we should take starting rest seriously Claudia Hammond, Psychologist and broadcaster

Today busyness has become a badge of honour. We want to say we’re busy, yet at the same time, we feel exhausted. Instead, we should start taking rest seriously as a method of self-care. By examining the latest evidence on the psychology of rest and activity, Claudia Hammond will explain why rest needs to be taken seriously and she’ll reveal the activities rated as most restful in the Rest Test, a psychological survey completed by 18,000 people in 135 different countries.

Claudia Hammond

About Professor Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond is an award-winning broadcaster, author and psychology lecturer. Claudia is the presenter of The BBC podcasts All in the Mind and Health Check and is Visiting Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Sussex.


Dance and the brain Peter Lovatt, Director of Dance Psychology at Movement in Practice

What’s the link between dancing and the brain? How does dancing change the way we think and solve problems? Why is the way we move linked to our hormonal and genetic make up? This is the science of dance.

Peter Lovatt

About Dr Peter Lovatt

Peter is a former professional dancer who spent over 25 years working in universities as an academic psychologist interested in the effect that dancing and moving has on people.

Normal to be mad? Dany Nobus, Brunel University

What does it mean to be normal in the 21st Century? Dany will explore what psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy contribute to our understanding of the human mind and its ‘disorders’.

Dany Nobus

About Professor Dany Nobus

Dany Nobus is Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychology at Brunel University London and the former Chair of the Freud Museum.

Preparing athletes for the (delayed) Tokyo Games Jonathan Smith, Performance Psychologist, Adaptivemind Consultancy

Explore how psychology is being used to enable Paralympic GB athletes and staff to thrive in Tokyo. We will understand how the mind works and how this knowledge is being practically applied in the build up to the Games.

Jonathan Smith

About Dr Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is interested in how to use psychological principles to help people promote growth, wellbeing and performance. He has applied this knowledge working within professional sport, business, and in educational settings.

Child psychology and gender identity Gemma Witcomb, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University

Gemma Witcomb

About Dr Gemma Witcomb

Dr Gemma Witcomb’s work focuses on gender, gendered experiences and physical and mental wellbeing, and has extensive experience researching body image (and related constructs) in females across the lifespan.