Date & time

Thu, 21 Nov 2019
10:00 - 15:00


University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Rd
Coventry, CV4 7AL

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About this day

For A level and IB students

Psychology in Action: Power of the Mind is a wide-ranging programme examining the theories and applications of psychology in the modern world. Five incredibly engaging sessions will help students realise their potential and discover the impact they can have on the world. Join renowned speakers from academia, medicine, industry and commerce for an unmissable day, complemented by a special session on examination success.

“Every speaker was very enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable and really got our students interested!”

Programme & speakers

The psychology of laughter Sophie Scott, UCL

Discover how and why we laugh, and why this is such an important part of our communication repertoire with Sophie Scott, neuroscientist and stand-up comedienne!

Sophie Scott

About Professor Sophie Scott

Professor Scott leads the Speech Communication Neuroscience Group at UCL. She is interested in how our brains process the information in speech and voices, and how we control our voice.

Mastering memory Ginny Smith, Science communicator

Find out what happens in the brain when we learn and store memories, and why we shouldn’t always trust everything we remember. Ginny uses quizzes and games to explore memory and how to improve it using psychology and neuroscience research.

Ginny Smith

About Ginny Smith

Ginny is a scientist and science communicator. She is presenter and producer for the PsychCrunch podcast and has co-written three books as well as publishing numerous articles for various audiences.

The psychology of a magician Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician

Is seeing really perceiving? Can free thinking be manipulated? During this interactive session of mind games and sensory deception, you will learn how a combination of psychology and magic can create real life Jedi masters.

Matt Pritchard

About Dr Matt Pritchard

Dr Matt Pritchard is a magician and a member of the Magic Circle. He is a lapsed atomic physicist with a love of recreational maths. He is also a member of the Science of Magic Association, which aims to foster research collaborations between magicians and psychologists.

Child psychology Louise Mansell, Clinical Psychologist at Nurture Rochdale

Understanding how the brain develops in early life helps us understand why people might struggle with emotions and behavioural difficulties. Discover the field of child psychology.

Louise Mansell

About Dr Louise Mansell

Louise is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and founder of Nurture Rochdale. She has a particular interest and expertise in working with anxiety, trauma, and attachment.

Anxiety: rewards, electrical shocks and the brain Alexandre Pike, UCL

Anxiety is a serious, debilitating and costly mental illness. Alex shows how learning, MRI scanning and electrical shocks can all be used to try to understand better what makes people anxious, and potentially come up with new ways of treating patients.

Alexandre Pike

About Dr Alexandre Pike

Alexandra Pike has a PhD in the neuroscience of eating disorders and now works in the Anxiety Lab at The Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.