Date & time

Tue, 13 Nov 2018
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

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About this day

Our engaging and interactive KS5 Product Design inspiration day will take your students to the cutting edge in Design. Five renowned speakers from a diverse range of studios will give your students the inside story.

Programme & speakers

Pioneering aeronautical innovation Sam Rogers, Test Pilot, Gravity Industries

Sam will shed light on the approach Gravity has taken to development of a pioneering human flight suit, with all the associated successes, failures and revelations. It will show how fundamental principles and design judgement can bring science fiction closer to reality.

Sam Rogers

About Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers is a Test Pilot & Design Lead at Gravity Industries. He has many years experience with pyrotechnics and built his first solid rocket motor aged 9.

Six ways to think about design Emily Campbell, Creative Education Academies Trust

Products? Process? People? How do you think about design? Illustrated with examples and interspersed with exercises, Emily Campbell explains a radically simple framework of six things you need to think about if you’re making design decisions.

Emily Campbell

About Emily Campbell

Emily worked for the fashion designer Jean Muir and was a graphic designer for Pentagram before becoming the British Council Arts Group’s Head of Design and Architecture.

The Small Idea Graham Potts, Graham Potts Design

Most people are always looking for the big idea, however it’s often the case that the smallest ideas make the biggest difference. Graham will look at the power of ideas and where they come from.

Graham Potts

About Creative Director Graham Potts

Graham is a multi-disciplinary trained designer. With over 10 years experience working for global brands, he believes great design can solve problems that improve lives and make a positive difference to the world around us.

Object narratives Theodóra Alfredsdottir

All objects act as documentation of their manufacturing process; a record of what went on between the machine, tools, craftsman and material. Theodóra will talk about her interest in these narratives that objects can inhabit through her own work, having regard to the ideology of others.

Theodóra Alfredsdottir

About Theodóra Alfredsdottir

Theodóra is an Icelandic product designer based in London.  She’s interested in the way an object can act as documentation of it’s manufacturing process; a record of what went on between the machine, tools, craftsman and material as well as it can communicate it’s origin and former life.