Date & time

Mon, 26 Apr 2021
9:45 - 15:00



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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

For A-level and IB students

Give your KS5 students the opportunity to meet our crack team of mathematicians, engineers, statisticians, architects, code-breakers, data scientists and more for the ultimate educational experience.  Maths in Action features five lively and enriching sessions exploring a variety of topics carefully designed to extend students’ knowledge.  A session on examination success will equip students with the tools to succeed.

Programme & speakers

Fighting disease with mathematics Sara Jabbari, University of Birmingham

Sara will describe the way mathematics can be used to understand antibiotic resistance, track the dynamics of bacterial infections and even develop new drugs to tackle disease.

Sara Jabbari

About Dr Sara Jabbari

Sara is a mathematician specialising in using mathematical modelling to understand how bacteria behave. She works with microbiologists to use these models in developing new treatments for bacterial infections.

Dream Maths Team for University Challenge Bobby Seagull, Teacher, Author and Broadcaster

Bobby Seagull rose to prominence as captain of Emmanuel College Cambridge.  In this talk, he shares who would make his maths dream team for University Challenge.  He will explain why these mathematicians deserve their place in history and on this team.

Bobby Seagull

About Bobby Seagull

Bobby is a former investment banker, chartered accountant, and social entrepreneur turned math teacher and author. He co-hosts BBC’s Monkman & Seagull Genius Guides and serves as a quiz expert on C4’s ‘The Answer Trap’.

Counting factors Vicky Neale, Lecturer and author, Oxford University

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore some questions from the area of maths called number theory. Please have pen and paper ready!

Vicky Neale

About Dr Vicky Neale

Vicky is Whitehead Lecturer in the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University and the author of ‘Why Study Mathematics?’.  Vicky spends her time doing maths, teaching maths and talking maths to anyone who will listen.

Bad stats: what they don't tell you on the news Michael Blastland, author and broadcaster

Join Michael to learn the stats which will give you some of the best bad-news and bad-science spotting skills around.

Michael Blastland

About Michael Blastland

Michael Blastland created the Radio 4 programme More or Less, wrote several books, presents The Human Zoo on Radio 4, and talks to people about numbers.

Practical session Alex Bellos, Author and broadcaster

Alex Bellos returns with a new session jam-packed with puzzles, demonstrations and mathematical conundrums.  You will need a pen and paper for Alex’s presentation.

Alex Bellos

About Alex Bellos

Alex writes the infamous Monday maths puzzle for The Guardian. He is also the author of the popular maths bestsellers Alex’s Adventures in Numberland and Alex Through the Looking-Glass.