Date & time

Thu, 4 Feb 2021
13:00 - 15:45



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About this day

For year 10 – year 13 students

Join us for a special programme designed to show students the many varied areas in which those in the legal profession can make an impact. Discover the personal and professional journeys of our speakers and delve into some incredible case studies in an inspirational programme for those considering a legal career. We actively encourage questions and there will be plenty of careers guidance along the way!

Programme & speakers

Life as a human rights lawyer Chez Cotton

Join Chez Cotton as she takes us through her personal and professional journey, with hints and tips for applications and some intriguing and high profile case studies at the forefront of human rights law.

Chez Cotton

About Human rights lawyer Chez Cotton

Chez specialises in police law and civil actions, with a broader practice encompassing strategic litigation, judicial review, discrimination law and human rights.  She has been involved in a number of important and high profile cases, including those involving undercover policing, redress for political journalists/NUJ and major environmental and political protests.

The thrilling world of banking regulation: how to secretly save the world Rachael Agnew

I’ll talk about my journey seeking to do meaningful legal work that still pays the bills and gets you home in time to see the kids. I’ll say how I left Uni not sure of what to do with my degree apart from wanting to help the vulnerable, explain my journey to fulfil my dream of becoming a barrister only to find that it didn’t fulful me, before ditching it to do something that paid the bills and finding that I was good at it, and that I loved it, and that it helped people.

Rachael Agnew

About Barrister Rachael Agnew

Rachael Agnew is a lawyer employed by the Financial Conduct Authority, the public body that oversees the banking sector. She studied law at Oxford and spent six years working in the voluntary sector before becoming a criminal barrister for three years. She then moved to the FCA where she oversees investigations into banks for breaking rules around money laundering and treating customers fairly.

Why Civil Law Also Changes Lives Rebecca Keeves, Barrister, Cornwall Street Barristers

Rebecca will discuss why civil law is important and how it has a huge impact on people’s lives. It is often a misunderstanding about civil law that it is just big business arguing against big business, but civil law can massively impact the lives of every single person.

She will also discuss her journey to the Bar and how the traditional route isn’t the only option.

Rebecca Keeves

About Rebecca Keeves

Rebecca Keeves is a barrister at Cornwall Street Barristers, and a Deputy District Judge. Rebecca has worked as a self-employed advocate, an in-house advocate, and a case handler. She has qualified as a Fellow of CILEx, a solicitor with dual higher rights, and a barrister. Rebecca practises in civil law, specialising in property law, contract law, and personal injury.