Date & time

Thu, 27 Jun 2024
10:00 - 12:15


University of Salford
Maxwell Building
Salford, M5 4WT

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

Welcome to our KS3 STEM in Action morning!

Exciting news for all STEM enthusiasts! Our highly anticipated KS3 STEM event is coming to the University of Salford! In three incredible sessions we will bring the excitement of STEM subjects to audiences using real world applications and future directions. We know that getting the fundamentals right at KS3 is key to later success and we want students to be engaged and curious from an early age. Join us for a programme of inspiration, exploration and experimentation!

Programme & speakers

Magical Maths Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician

Predicting the future, reading minds, sending secret messages and making objects vanish are easy when you’re a maths magician.  With shapes, symmetry, patterns, probability, and numbers forming the basis of the maths behind the magic.

Matt Pritchard

About Dr Matt Pritchard

Dr Matt Pritchard is a magician and a member of the Magic Circle. He is a lapsed atomic physicist with a love of recreational maths. He is also a member of the Science of Magic Association, which aims to foster research collaborations between magicians and psychologists.

Life at the Limits Lucy Eckersley, Royal Society of Biology, Wildlife Presenter & Photographer

When you draw a food web or pyramid, you start with the grass, but… what if there is no grass? From polar bears to puffin poo, explore the Arctic as an example of how life can survive at the limits – and how humans are impacting this careful balance.

Lucy Eckersley

About Lucy Eckersley

Lucy is a freelance science communicator, presenter and wildlife photographer. Her scientific background is in wild animal biology where she studied wild cats in a collaboration between the Royal Veterinary College and London Zoo.

Beyond The Rainbow Ruth Perkins, STEM Communicator

What do mobile phones, microwaves, suntans, night-vision cameras and your radio have in common? See how light can be polarised and find out why the sky is blue. Play guess the object in our thermal imaging picture game and listen to the way your TV remote control sounds! By getting to grips with the wavelength and frequency of different types of radiation, all will become clear!

Ruth Perkins

About Ruth Perkins

Ruth is an experienced STEM communicator whose particular interests are the science of sound and engaging with audiences with Special Educational Needs. She has presented science shows and workshops at schools, festivals, and events all over the world.