Date & time

Thu, 23 Jun 2022
10:00 - 12:30


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW
or Online

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About this day

In three incredible sessions we will bring the excitement of STEM subjects to audiences using real world applications and future directions. We know that getting the fundamentals right at KS3 is key to later success and we want students to be engaged and curious from an early age. Join us for a programme of inspiration, exploration and experimentation hosted by TV, radio and YouTube presenter Greg Foot!

Programme & speakers

Caught on camera: wildlife in the spotlight Emily Madsen, Conservation Biologist

How do we count wildlife? If we want to know how a species is adapting to our changing world then one of the first things we need to know is how many there are. Learn about the key tools and techniques conservation biologists use to study wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

Emily Madsen

About Emily Madsen

Often found with a camera in hand bouncing around in a Land Rover, Emily is a Conservation Biologist who is happier sleeping in a tent than four walls.

Dangerous Equations Marty Jopson, Science presenter

Join Marty Jopson as he places himself in grave personal danger for your entertainment. Will his steely nerve and a set of equations be enough to keep him from harm?

Marty Jopson

About Dr Marty Jopson

Marty has a PhD in plant biology, is a science TV presenter, live show performer, writer, strange prop builder and all round Science Bloke.

The Future of Food Greg Foot, Science Presenter and Communicator

How will we feed the 10 billion people potentially crowding our planet by 2050? Fresh from filming a new BBC TV series exploring exactly this, join Greg to discover drought-resistant rice, block-chain orange juice and lab-grown burgers.

Greg Foot

About Greg Foot

Greg is a Science Journalist who has been writing, hosting & producing science content for 15+ years across TV, Radio, YouTube, Podcast, & Stage. He currently writes & hosts his popular BBC 4 show and podcast Sliced Bread and is a regular on BBC Morning live.