Date & time

Thu, 29 Apr 2021
9:45 - 15:00



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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

Join us for the ultimate science enrichment day for KS4 students in April 2021! Five interactive and highly engaging sessions will inspire and challenge your students. There will be demonstrations and audience participation, and students will discover the wonder of science in our specially designed programme, delivered by the leading lights in the field. A session on examination success will equip students with the tools to succeed. This is Science in Action!

Programme & speakers

A Walk on the Wild Side Lucy Eckersley, Royal Society of Biology, Wildlife Presenter & Photographer

What does conservation in the real world look like? Is it all just about Giant Pandas? Join Lucy Eckersley as she explores the world of wildlife biology and considers the question – Which animals should we save?

Lucy Eckersley

About Lucy Eckersley

Lucy is a freelance science communicator, presenter and wildlife photographer. Her scientific background is in wild animal biology where she studied wild cats in a collaboration between the Royal Veterinary College and London Zoo.

Information in the Space Age Sarah Hanton

Discover how we understand the Universe around us. From interpreting data from ground and space based telescopes to human and robotic exploration of the solar system, join Sarah as she pieces together how we find and explore objects in Space and what advancements in the future will help us unlock some of the greatest secrets of the cosmos.

Sarah Hanton

About Dr Sarah Hanton

Dr Sarah Hanton is a Physics Teacher with a background in extragalactic astronomy. An experienced science communicator and author of ‘Cool Physics’, she now spends a lot of time getting her very small children to look correctly through telescopes.

ZAP! Marty Jopson, Science presenter

Join Dr Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist as he takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity.  From the Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, Marty aims to put the awesome back into electricity. With hundreds of thousands of volts, deadly sparks and the singing Tesla coils, you may think we have electricity tamed, but are you sure? Discover the astonishing floating orb, a light bulb made from a pencil lead and a plucked chicken. There will be at least one explosion.

Marty Jopson

About Dr Marty Jopson

Marty has a PhD in plant biology, is a science TV presenter, live show performer, writer, strange prop builder and all round Science Bloke.

The human guinea pig: Inside the NHS… and Tom! Tom Warrender, Medical Mavericks

Meet Tom the human guinea pig who has visited dozens of health professionals to discover the amazing careers you can get into with 5 GCSEs at levels 9-4! Oh… and he’ll perform some medical demos live on screen!

Tom Warrender

About Tom Warrender

Tom Warrender is famous for putting himself through real full blown medical procedures in hospitals & schools to inspire the next generation of health professionals.

Deep Ocean Lab Greg Foot, Science Presenter and Communicator

What happens as you dive further and further into the dark ocean? Join YouTuber and BBC TV & Radio Presenter Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure to the deep.
With stunning videos of his dive 1000ft into the Twilight Zone in a high-tech submersible, Greg will explain the importance of our oceans, and – thanks to Greg’s work with the Blue Planet II team – uncover the effect we’re having on them.
Plus he’ll introduce you to a creature from the deep!
Greg Foot

About Greg Foot

Greg is a Science Journalist who has been writing, hosting & producing science content for 15+ years across TV, Radio, YouTube, Podcast, & Stage. He currently writes & hosts his popular BBC 4 show and podcast Sliced Bread and is a regular on BBC Morning live.