Date & time

Tue, 28 Jan 2025
10:30 - 15:00


University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Rd
Coventry, CV4 7AL

Ticket price

£19.50 + VAT @20%* *Plus one complimentary staff ticket per ten students

About this day

Welcome to GCSE Science in Action!

Join us for the ultimate science enrichment day for KS4 students! Through five interactive and highly engaging sessions your students will deepen their understanding of key scientific principles and discover the wonder of science.

Our talented speakers from academia and industry will wow audiences with incredible insights into their work and inspire students to become the scientists of the future. A special session on examination success will ensure students are equipped with the tools they need to excel in their GCSE Science exams.

There will be plenty of interactivity and audience participation throughout the day, with polls, quizzes and (of course) your chance to question the scientists – join us at GCSE Science in Action and prepare to be amazed.


“A good range of talks and topics that took our students beyond the curriculum, thoroughly engaging them and hopefully inspiring scientists of the future!”

— Cox Green School, Autumn 2023 —

Programme & speakers

The Science of TikTok Jamie Gallagher, Science Presenter

Dive into the world of scientific TikTok as we put viral videos to the test. Test your science knowledge as we recreate some of social media’s best loved science videos as you are challenged to separate science-fact from science-fake.

Jamie Gallagher

About Dr Jamie Gallagher

An award-winning scientist and science communicator, Jamie spends his days sharing his love of science. His work has taken him to stages around the world as well as TV and radio. Jamie has a PhD in materials science.

How to Freeze a Human Alex Baker, University of Warwick

In every cell in every tissue and every organ of your body, millions and millions of reactions are being carried out to keep you alive. The key ingredient in all these reactions is heat, so what happens if we drop the temperature? Could we cryogenically preserve organs and blood? Alex will explore the science and cutting-edge research behind cryogenics and consider how to freeze a human.

Alex Baker

About Dr Alex Baker

Alex is an organic chemist with a particular interest in carbohydrates, polymers and nanoparticles. His work is used to design medical diagnostics with a particular focus on the developing world and fighting health inequalities.

Adventures in a sphere Caroline Shenton-Taylor, Applied Nuclear Physicist, University of Surrey

From floating high above the Earth’s surface, to reaching the ocean floor, Auguste Piccard was a scientist who thrived on innovation and adventure. He engineered specially designed spheres, allowing him to venture into extreme environments. These journeys were risky and exciting, but his expeditions provided new scientific perspectives. In this talk, discover Piccard’s story and Caroline’s own adventure in building a space balloon. (Image credit: NASA)

Caroline Shenton-Taylor

About Dr Caroline Shenton-Taylor

Caroline is an applied nuclear physicist, sitting at the interface between industry and academia. Her team specialise in neural networks, artificial intelligence and novel methods, addressing challenges in nuclear security, nuclear decommissioning and medicine. Winner of UK Famelab 2014, she regularly speaks at festivals, on radio and YouTube (Dr CST).

Drawn to Discovery Hana Ayoob, Science Communicator & Illustrator

Drawing is an important part of scientific discovery allowing us to document discoveries, encouraging us to observe closely and providing a way to visualise the invisible. Find out more and try some drawing yourself.

Hana Ayoob

About Hana Ayoob

Hana Ayoob is a science communicator and illustrator, with a background in zoology. She’s passionate about bringing people together to explore the world around them through art and science.