Date & time

Thu, 16 Mar 2017
11:00 - 16:00


UCL Institute of Education, London
20 Bedford Way
London, WC1H 0AL

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

Join us when the ultimate science enrichment day for KS4 returns in spring 2017! Five interactive and highly engaging sessions will inspire and challenge your students. From breaking the land speed record to live dissections, the Big Bang to levitation, we will show your students just how amazing science can be. A special session on examination success will equip students with the tools to succeed, and each student will receive our incredibly useful revision guide to take home.

Programme & speakers

Big Bang Simon Singh, Science Writer

Simon will tell the story behind one of the greatest questions in the history of humanity – where did the universe come from? Is the universe eternal or was it created? Is the Big Bang the answer?

Simon Singh

About Simon Singh

After a PhD in particle physics, Simon joined BBC TV, working on Tomorrow’s World & Horizon. His BAFTA-winning documentary on Fermat’s Last Theorem led to a No.1 bestselling book. Simon has written four other books, presented radio & TV programs, and created a math website (parallel.org.uk).

Living in a materials world Sujata Kundu, University of Surrey

What exactly is Materials Science about? Why should we care? What can they do for us, and what are the coolest materials ever made? Suze will share her favourite materials and talk about the history and future of Materials.

Sujata Kundu

About Dr Sujata Kundu

A nanochemist both literally and professionally, Suze’s research focuses on materials that can capture solar energy.

Of bubbles, sound and levitation Gianluca Memoli, Sussex University

Bubbles are everywhere. Gianluca will explore his bubbling career- from bubbles and sound to tractor beams, sonic screwdrivers, touchless screens and objects floating in air.

Gianluca Memoli

About Dr Gianluca Memoli

Gianluca works at the INTERACT laboratory of the University of Sussex. He studies how to levitate heavier and heavier objects  to create new ways of interacting with computers. Gianluca has also been a bubble scientist for 17 years, so bubbles always pop up in his talks.

Operating Theatre Live! Samuel Piri, Operating Theatre Live!

“Scalpel, incision, more suction please”… Step inside a real operating theatre, touch, see and feel real anatomy and experience life as a surgeon in this unmissable experience!

Samuel Piri

About Inspire to Aspire Events Samuel Piri

Sam tours the UK working with schools delivering human anatomy/biology enrichment events tied to the national curriculum.

Breaking the land speed record Rob Bennett, Bloodhound Education

Discover the science of breaking the 1000mph barrier with the Bloodhound Project – a global engineering adventure using the world land speed record to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Rob Bennett

About Chief Inspirer Rob Bennett

Rob Bennett is Chief Inspirer at Bloodhound Education where he works tirelessly to inspire and motivate the next generations into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.