Date & time

Fri, 2 Dec 2022
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

For GCSE students

Our exceptional days of GCSE Maths in Action feature five interactive and informative sessions that will inspire KS4 students.

We will explore fascinating and occasionally unexpected applications which demonstrate that continuing to study maths is important. Each day is supplemented by an examination session which includes hints and tips on how to improve your grades.

Programme & speakers

Rhyme and reason Harry Baker, Poet and mathematician

From winning his school battle-of-the-bands competition with a Jay-Z Maths homage to his prime number poetry TED talk being watched by millions online, Harry shares poems celebrating language, logic and life itself.

Harry Baker

About Harry Baker

World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker is a poet and a maths graduate.  He writes about important stuff like hope, dinosaurs and German falafel-spoons.  His work has been shared on and viewed millions of times worldwide.

Magical Maths Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician

Predicting the future, reading minds, sending secret messages and making objects vanish are easy when you’re a maths magician. Matt’s aim is to give his audience tricks they can go away and use to amaze their friends and families.

Matt Pritchard

About Dr Matt Pritchard

Dr Matt Pritchard is a magician and a member of the Magic Circle. He is a lapsed atomic physicist with a love of recreational maths. He is also a member of the Science of Magic Association, which aims to foster research collaborations between magicians and psychologists.

A Prime Puzzle Sophie Maclean, Mathematician and Communicator

Mathematicians’ fascination with prime numbers is something that has transcended cultures and history, and Sophie is not immune to their spell. In this talk she explores what we know, how we know it, and what still remains a mystery. She will even give a special mention to her favourite mathematician – can you guess who it is?

Sophie Maclean

About Sophie Maclean

Sophie is a Maths Communicator and a member of the team behind Chalkdust Magazine. She has previously worked as a Quantitative Trader, a Software Engineer, and a Maths tutor.

Can we just use a polynomial instead? Matthew Scroggs, University College London

Polynomials are easier to work with than many other functions, and in many situations we can make the maths we need to do simpler by replacing a function with a polynomial that is very close to equal to it. In this talk, we will look at how we can create polynomial approximations of other functions and why this is worth the effort.

Matthew Scroggs

About Matthew Scroggs

When not working Matthew writes puzzles and articles for Chalkdust Magazine, including the infamous crossnumber, and reads Martin Gardner books.

The Maths of Luck Alison Kiddle, Maths Communicator

It’s very rare you’ll get struck by lightning or win a multi-million pound lottery jackpot, and yet we see news stories every day about nearly impossible occurrences. Join Alison to explore how probability theory can help us understand the risks of everyday life, and find out just how lucky you are!

Alison Kiddle

About Alison Kiddle

Alison is a mathematician and educator from the East of England. As well as travelling round the UK and abroad to talk about maths, Alison designs puzzles, writes about maths, and creates mathematical art and craft.