Date & time

Thu, 28 Nov 2019
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

For A-level students of the AQA A specification

This autumn sees the return of the inspirational and stimulating enrichment day ‘WW1 and its Aftermath’ to London. Designed to provide comprehensive support to students preparing for this option, the day will feature a diverse range of inspiring talks by expert, engaging speakers exploring the literary, historical and military perspectives of this option. There will also be an examination session providing invaluable guidance and insights to boost students’ confidence and success. Covering topics ranging from poetry in the First World War to gender and the soldier’s experience, the programme will equip students with essential information and ideas to help them achieve maximum success in the examination. We are delighted to announce that the day will be chaired by former Chief Examiner Stella Canwell MBE.

Programme & speakers

Poetry in the First World War: new frontier or doggerel march? Mario Petrucci, Poet

Mario’s insights into poetry highlight the contrast between what was written before and after WW1. He will encourage student participation, guiding hands-on activities designed to explore core literary themes, including women writers and the early work of key poets.

Mario Petrucci

About Mario Petrucci

Mario Petrucci is a multi-award winning poet, educator and broadcaster. Former poet in residence at the Imperial War Museum, he talks widely on the First World War and its poetry.

A Soldier’s Perspective Taff Gillingham, Military Historical Advisor

Taff Gillingham will look at the men who made up the army of WW1, their uniforms, equipment and living conditions. This insightful, entertaining session helps to highlight the soldier’s perspective and put the tactics of the time into context.

Taff Gillingham

About Taff Gillingham

Taff Gillingham is a military historian and military historical advisor for film, television and theatre, advising on many productions including ‘Downton Abbey’, and the 2018 film ‘Journey’s End’.

Time of composition and gender of author Jon Rich, A-level examiner and teacher

This session will explore how contemporary writers were only able to reflect current happenings while later writers had the benefit of hindsight. It will explore how a writer’s gender may have affected their choice of subject material and setting.

Jon Rich

About Jon Rich

Jon Rich taught English for many years. He has been a Senior Examiner for over thirty years and is also a Moderator for NEA and Examiner for Classical Civilisation.


Preparing for the exam Jon Rich, A-level examiner and teacher

Jon Rich addresses how students should read questions, how to extract the guidance given and how best to address the Assessment Objectives. There are no “right” answers in English Literature but there are “right” ways to address tasks.

Jon Rich

About Jon Rich

Jon Rich taught English for many years. He has been a Senior Examiner for over thirty years and is also a Moderator for NEA and Examiner for Classical Civilisation.


Louisa Young, Novelist

Novelist Louisa Young will talk and answer questions about her WW1 novels of aftermath, survival, family, love and the miraculous, terrifying facial reconstructive surgeries pioneered during WW1. They have been described as powerful, shocking, divine, compelling, deeply moving and frightening.

Louisa Young

About Louisa Young

Louisa Young is an award-winning novelist and songwriter. Her eleven novels include the award-winning ‘My Dear I Wanted to Tell You’ trilogy. She’s half of the children’s author Zizou Corder. She is also a former journalist, a singer, a feminist, a reader, and ‘a masterly storyteller’ –  The Washington Post.