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Tue, 11 Jul 2023
10:45 - 15:45



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About this day

Welcome to our Engineering in Action day!

Suitable for KS4 & KS5 students with an interest in engineering

Are you ready for an engineering extravaganza? Join us at Engineering in Action for five exhilarating sessions packed with cutting-edge technology, interactive demonstrations, and a team of engineers ready to ignite your passion for the field. From materials and structural engineering to software and beyond, we’ll explore the diverse and exciting world of modern engineering. Plus, you’ll have the chance to quiz our experts in a thrilling Q&A session. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of engineers and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this fast-paced industry. Get ready to unleash your curiosity and unlock your potential with a programme that’s designed to amaze and excite. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the endless possibilities of modern engineering and kick-start your journey to success!

Programme & speakers

The Accidental Materials Scientist Anna Ploszajski, Materials Scientist, Writer and Storyteller

This is the story of an accidental materials scientist; accidentally studying materials science instead of physics at university, accidentally breaking stuff, accidentally leaving a microscope slide on a shelf for nine months and making a huge accidental discovery. My dad always tells me ‘you make your own luck’, but what if it all just happened by accident?

Anna Ploszajski

About Dr Anna Ploszajski

Anna Ploszajski is a materials scientist, author, presenter and science comedian who is on a mission to get people fascinated by the ordinary stuff which makes up the world around us. Her book Handmade tells the story of materials through their use in arts and crafts.

Working with Microorganisms, our super small superheroes! Michael Sulu, Lecturer at University College London

Michael will provide an overview of the field of biochemical engineering; he will delve into the skills you learn as a biochemical engineer and then look back in time, highlighting how we used them in the past and even more excitingly …forecast how we may use them in the future!

Michael Sulu

About Dr Michael Sulu

Michael Sulu is a lecturer and Biochemical engineer; he dabbles in science communication and comedy, and his work is based on growing microorganisms. He focuses on the small (microscopic) stuff, so he doesn’t have time to worry about the big stuff!

Recipe for a Skyscraper Roma Agrawal (MBE), Structural Engineer, Author and Broadcaster

Find out the key ingredients to create your own skyscraper! Delving into the stories of materials, forces and design, you will find out how big structures are built from a structural engineer.

Roma Agrawal (MBE)

About Roma Agrawal (MBE)

Roma Agrawal MBE is an award-winning engineer, author and broadcaster who is best known for working on the design of The Shard. She has presented numerous TV and radio shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery and published three best-selling books: Built, How Was That Built?, and Nuts & Bolts.

Coding the future Lyndsey Scott, Software Engineer, MSt AI Ethics at University of Cambridge

Lyndsey will talk about her accidental journey into software engineering and falling in love with coding. She will talk about the future of technology and how Artificial Intelligence might (not) take over the earth. She will argue coding is for everyone and it needs smart and caring people to work towards making the world a better place!

Lyndsey Scott

About Lyndsey Scott

Lyndsey is a software engineer and coding educator. She has worked at start-ups for the previous four years, alongside teaching coding in her spare time at non-profits to increase diversity in engineering. She is studying for a master’s in AI Ethics at Cambridge University to increase ethical awareness and accountability in the tech industry.

Baking in Space: when engineering meets desserts Andrew Smyth, Aerospace Engineer and Broadcaster

How can a retro dessert explain how spacecraft safely returns to earth? In this talk, Andrew will explore the curious connections between his career in cutting-edge Aerospace Engineering and the world of baking.

Andrew Smyth

About Andrew Smyth

Andrew is an aerospace engineer, presenter and baker on a mission to whisk up curiosity about engineering through edible means. He is the Executive Producer & judge on Netflix’s Baking Impossible and was a finalist on The Great British Bake Off.