Date & time

Fri, 25 Nov 2022
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW
or Online

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About this day

For A level and IB students

This inspirational day of economics talks for KS5 students will feature industry leaders, academics and public servants. In five highly educational sessions these renowned commentators will delve into a diverse range of KS5 topics. A special session on examination success will equip students with the tools to succeed, and each student will receive a handy revision guide to take home.

Programme & speakers

The Great Economists: How Their Ideas Can Help Us Today Linda Yueh, Economist, author and broadcaster

Economic students are not always taught the history of economic thought and where the ideas that pervade the subject comes from. This talk will explain how some of the great economists have shaped the subject and how their ideas can inform current policy debates. Professor Yueh will cover how the great economic thinkers have reshaped the world and can help us today with our biggest challenges.

Linda Yueh

About Dr Linda Yueh

Dr Yueh is Fellow in Economics at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University and Adjunct Professor of Economics at London Business School. She is Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics, and Associate Fellow at Chatham House. She was also Chief Business Correspondent for BBC News, and host of Talking Business with Linda Yueh on BBC World News and BBC News Channel.

The labour market Rebecca McDonald, Chief Economist, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

What does economic thinking have to say about how we can improve job quality for low-paid workers? Rebecca will talk about JRF’s campaign to make work more secure and explore how economic policy can be used to improve the quality of life of many lower-paid workers.

Rebecca McDonald

About Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca works as Chief Economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. She previously worked for Centre for Cities, an urban policy think-tank, and before that was an economic consultant at PwC. Her work focuses on labour market and social security policy and how these can be used to improve the lives of people living in poverty in the UK.

Economic misconceptions - migration, trade, inflation Stephen Davies, Institute of Economics Affairs

Stephen will explore how we must change the way we think about trade policy, the economics of migration and the nature of money.

Stephen Davies

About Dr Stephen Davies

Dr Steve Davies is the Head of Education at the IEA. Previously he was program officer at the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University in Virginia.

The Economics of Uber Sam Dumitriu, Research Director, The Entrepreneurs Network

Sam will look at Information Asymmetry, how it relates to occupational licensing and the risks of government failure and regulatory capture. He’ll examine some macro-economic issues of the gig economy such as increased labour supply and lower NAIRU.

Sam Dumitriu

About Sam Dumitriu

Sam Dumitriu is Research Director at The Entrepreneurs Network think tank, where he focuses on a range of topics including regulation, taxation, and immigration. He has authored a number of reports including Job Creators, which was cited by Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak at the Autumn Budget in 2021.

Choice Engineering Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician

Humans aren’t rational decision making machines. However, the foundations of economics are based on this assumption. During this fast paced and interactive talk packed with demonstrations, you will experience how, through a understanding of behavioural economics, choices can be manipulated; both for society’s good and for individual influence.

Matt Pritchard

About Dr Matt Pritchard

Dr Matt Pritchard is a magician and a member of the Magic Circle. He is a lapsed atomic physicist with a love of recreational maths. He is also a member of the Science of Magic Association, which aims to foster research collaborations between magicians and psychologists.