Date & time

Thu, 9 Nov 2017
11:00 - 16:00


Imperial College London
Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus
London, SW7 2AZ

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

This inspirational day of KS5 computer science will take your students to the cutting edge in fields from computer vision, software development and algorithms to pure programming and computer systems. Five renowned speakers from universities, industries and the media will reveal computer science at its very best and your students will have a whole lot of fun along the way. This day also features a special session with hints and tips for examination success.

Programme & speakers

The magic of computer science Peter McOwan, Queen Mary University of London

From magic tricks to being able to do the (almost) impossible, computer science and mathematics underpin the modern world. Join Peter to discover how to create magic tricks with maths, and use computer vision to better understand what humans see.

Peter McOwan

About Professor Peter McOwan

Peter’s research interests are in visual perception, mathematical models for visual processing, cognitive science and biologically inspired hardware, software and science outreach.

How to program a cell Jasmin Fisher, UCL

Jasmin will talk about the incredible algorithms she designed that are tailored for modelling and analysing biological networks and show how these algorithms could lead to programmable human cells.

Jasmin Fisher

About Professor Jasmin Fisher

Jasmin Fisher is a Professor of Computational Biology at UCL. She has always been curious about the mechanisms of disease and interested in using computers to improve patients’ lives.

Crowdology: how computer science keeps you safe Martyn Amos, Manchester Metropolitan University

Crowd science uses computing, psychology and design to study people en masse. Martyn will show how this new science keeps us safe, as well as highlighting some surprising facts about how we behave in crowds.

Martyn Amos

About Professor Martyn Amos

Martyn is Director of the Informatics Research Centre at MMU. His research focusses on the development of new ways of computing and the study of complex systems using computational techniques.

Machine learning for cities Matthew Leeke, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham

What happens when the global population puts our cities at breaking point?  Matt  will explore how state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and the smart devices we use daily can solve this huge problem.

Matthew Leeke

About Professor Matthew Leeke

Matthew is a Professor and Head of Education in the School of Computer Science at The University of Birmingham. He joined Birmingham as Chair of Dependable Systems in 2022, having spent 18 years at The University of Warwick.

The Chomsky Hierarchy and the Complexity of the English Language Jamie Frost, Dr

Are some languages (both human and symbolic) more expressive then others? Where does the English language fit into this? How do we build systems to parse these languages? Jamie explores this hierarchy and more.

Jamie Frost

About Subject Leader Jamie Frost

Jamie is Subject Leader in Maths at Tiffin School. He was with the Oxford University Computational Linguistics Group and Mobile Robotics Group, and runs DrFrostMaths.com, an online maths learning platform.