Date & time

Wed, 23 Nov 2016
11:00 - 16:00


UCL Institute of Education, London
20 Bedford Way
London, WC1H 0AL

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About this day

Chemists have all the fun…

Five sessions from leading chemists in academia and industry will inspire the scientists of the future. From the elements to energy, poisons to perfume, this programme is engaging, challenging and entertaining. A special session on examination success will ensure students are equipped with the tools to excel.

Programme & speakers

Gods, devils and alcohol Peter Wothers, University of Cambridge

What connects a urinating camel to a spiral fossil? In which brands of shampoo can you find “Fooles Bolloxe” and “beaver testicles?” Peter guarantees you will never look at a bottle of shampoo in the same way again!

Peter Wothers

About Dr Peter Wothers

Dr Peter Wothers is a lecturer in chemistry at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of St Catharine’s College.

Molecules and murder: the chemistry of poisons John Nicholson, St Mary's University

Some chemicals are poisonous; others (medicines) are safe, at least, at the right dose. Even water can kill you if you drink too much of it. How does this happen? How do poisons work? And what poisons have murderers used?

John Nicholson

About Professor John Nicholson

Professor Nicholson has lectured all over the UK, and also abroad, and was awarded the Doctor of Science degree (DSc) in 2011 in recognition of his published work in materials chemistry.

The science of scent: capturing new smells Will Andrews, Proctor & Gamble

Perfumes are typically a blend of natural essential oils and single aromachemicals. Will will share the fundamentals of perfumery (a combination of artistic design and chemistry) and will explore the fascinating processes involved.

Will Andrews

About Will Andrews

Will Andrews is Principal Scientist at Procter & Gamble, where he guides the team in designing the next generation of perfumes for the P&G Prestige brand portfolio.

Living in a materials world Sujata Kundu, University of Surrey

What exactly is Materials Science about? Why should we care? What can they do for us, and what are the coolest materials ever made? Suze will share her favourite materials and talk about the history and future of Materials.

Sujata Kundu

About Dr Sujata Kundu

A nanochemist both literally and professionally, Suze’s research focuses on materials that can capture solar energy.

Kitchen chemistry - seconds Stephen Ashworth, University of East Anglia

Chemistry is all around us, and everyday materials can be used to illustrate fundamental principles of chemistry. All the demonstrations in this presentation use materials available in a supermarket, pharmacy or hardware store.

Stephen Ashworth

About Dr Stephen Ashworth

Stephen works at the University of East Anglia, writes a regular column for “The Mole” and presents regularly at Scifest Africa.