Date & time

Tue, 17 Nov 2020
10:45 - 15:45



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About this day

For A level and IB students

Join us for an incredible day of chemistry, taking students from their studies to cutting-edge research and future applications in great style! Five sessions from leading chemists in academia and industry will inspire the scientists of the future. A special session on examination success will ensure students are equipped with the tools to excel. Join us for a day of scientific discovery!

Programme & speakers

Mercury - window on the invisible Andrea Sella, Chemist and broadcaster, University College London

Mercury is the most beautiful element in the periodic table and the most reviled. Andrea will explore the world of mercury, ending with the question, can we bring it to life?

Andrea Sella

About Professor Andrea Sella

Andrea is a synthetic chemist and broadcaster who is interested in the structure and bonding in the rare earths. He has been involved in numerous radio and television projects.

Chemistry in conflict Kit Chapman, Author and chemist

Why did Chile go to war over bird poo? Can you build an aircraft carrier out of ice? And why would a fighter jet fly into a mushroom cloud? Discover some of the weirdest ways chemistry has changed the course of military history.

Kit Chapman

About Dr Kit Chapman

Kit Chapman is an award-winning science journalist who currently writes for Chemistry World. His book on element discovery, Superheavy was published in 2019.

The quantum rainbow Jamie Gallagher, Science Presenter

Since the earliest days of chemistry, colour and appearance have been used to understand the nature of materials. Now in the 21stcentury we can understand and control chemical colour as never before. From the quantum confinement effects of nanomaterials to the conjugated double bonds systems of organic molecules, colour chemistry is complex and beautiful. Explore this extraordinary world and discover how it is being used to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

Jamie Gallagher

About Dr Jamie Gallagher

An award-winning scientist and science communicator, Jamie spends his days sharing his love of science. His work has taken him to stages around the world as well as TV and radio. Jamie has a PhD in materials science.

Rock, paper scissors Anna Ploszajski, Materials Scientist, Writer and Storyteller

Materials science is just one big game of rock paper scissors. Join Anna Ploszajski as she uncovers the invisible secrets of the material world, from the earliest stone tools to the information age and beyond.

Anna Ploszajski

About Dr Anna Ploszajski

Anna Ploszajski is a materials scientist, author, presenter and science comedian who is on a mission to get people fascinated by the ordinary stuff which makes up the world around us. Her book Handmade tells the story of materials through their use in arts and crafts.

Nuclear energy uncovered Hayley Loren, Marine Engineer

Nuclear fusion provides a huge amount of the world’s clean energy and some consider it the answer to all our energy issues. Yet with incidences like Chernobyl, is nuclear safe and can it really be the solution? In this talk Hayley uncovers the science of nuclear energy and shows how chemistry is used to answer difficult questions such as how do we ensure nuclear is safe, can we rely on it as an energy source and will fission be a reality?

Hayley Loren

About Hayley Loren

Hayley is a Marine Engineer working on one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.  This year she was awarded one the Telegraph’s Top 50 Women in Engineering.