Date & time

Fri, 1 Mar 2019
10:45 - 15:45


Emmanuel Centre, London
9 - 23 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 3DW

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Bookings are now closed for this past event.

About this day

For A-level and IB students

Our ever popular Biology in Action programme returns in spectacular style in spring 2019! Five interactive and engaging sessions delivered by renowned scientists and communicators will inspire and motivate your students. A special session with hints and tips for revision and examination success will provide students with the tools to succeed. These are unmissable and tremendously popular programmes.

“I don’t remember a better student conference – we thought every speaker was excellent – just the right level, all animated, engaging and well prepared..”

Programme & speakers

Who wants to live forever? Andrew Steele, Scientist, author and presenter

A single change to the DNA of a nematode worm can double its lifespan, mice fed less than normal can live 50% longer and some creatures never seem to age at all. Could ageing therefore be flexible and perhaps treatable?

Andrew Steele

About Dr Andrew Steele

Andrew is a scientist, presenter, and author of Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old. He has a PhD in physics, worked as a computational biologist, and talks about science on TV, radio and YouTube.

The 100,000 genomes project and beyond Vivienne Parry, Genomics England

Vivienne discusses the science behind the 100,000 genomes project (the largest national sequencing project in the world) and the implications for unravelling the underlying genetic causes of disease.

Vivienne Parry

About Dr Vivienne Parry

Vivienne Parry is a scientist, journalist, broadcaster and Head of Engagement for Genomics England.

Sound science or fake news? Insights from the world of biomedical publishing Sabina Alam, Taylor and Francis

In an era of “fake news” we all need to understand how science works. Discover the role that scientific editors and publishers play in ensuring the integrity of what gets published, and what they do when things go wrong…

Sabina Alam

About Dr Sabina Alam

Sabina Alam isAssociate Editorial Director of Medicine and Health Journals at Taylor and Francis. She is a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

The biology of cancer Clare Isacke, Institute of Cancer Research

How do you get cancer? Can you prevent or cure cancer? Clare will discuss how the revolution in molecular biology has helped devise better prevention strategies and new treatments, and will address the economic challenges we face in modern medicine.

Clare Isacke

About Professor Clare Isacke

Clare is Professor of Molecular Cell Biology, Deputy Director and Academic Dean at The Institute of Cancer Research.

Everest lab - the science of high altitude survival Greg Foot, Science Presenter and Communicator

What happens to your body when you push it somewhere it’s not built to go – to the top of the world? With interactive experiments & stunning videos from his trek, join TV Science Presenter Greg Foot to find out.

Greg Foot

About Greg Foot

Greg is a Science Journalist who has been writing, hosting & producing science content for 15+ years across TV, Radio, YouTube, Podcast, & Stage. He currently writes & hosts his popular BBC 4 show and podcast Sliced Bread and is a regular on BBC Morning live.