Science Media Centre

The Science Media Centre is an independent press office for the UK scientific community.  It exists to help ensure that science and engineering in the UK national news is reported accurately and responsibly, particularly when a story has the potential for controversy.  They give journalists the opportunity to speak to real experts, and actively encourage scientists to speak out when stories break.  They also run regular press briefings, which allow scientists and engineers to set the news agenda on important subjects of public interest.  Although independent, the SMC is unashamedly pro-science and has no public ‘brand’ to promote.  This gives them the freedom to concentrate on what is important: responsible reporting of evidence-based science in the news.

Tom has degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics.  He used to shout at the radio, throw things at the TV and fume over the headlines.  In April 2008 he joined the Science Media Centre and since then has been calmer.