Middlesex University

Phil Gray is an experienced designer and design management consultant. He graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree from the School of Industrial Design. He is currently a visiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology, Middlesex University London. He was an external adviser to the research team compiling the Design and Technology SATS tests when it became a core curricular subject in the 1980’s.

He is a national Board Director of BIDA (British Industrial Design Association) which has been responsible for writing the NOS (National Occupational Standards) for industrial design.

He sponsored Sir Jonathan Ive (Apple Senior Vice President, Director of Design) at Newcastle (now Northumbria University), who subsequently worked for him before starting Tangerine and then joining Apple. Phil has worked for client companies in the USA, Europe and China, and designed products for both the global and local markets, including consumer and industrial products.

He frequently visits schools and speaks to pupils about careers in industrial design.  His enthusiasm is infectious, not just about design as a career, but the importance of everybody understanding what represents good design. As Sir Jony Ive said, ‘anyone can design, design is not important. Good design is important.’