University of Birmingham

Laura Piddock started her research career at City hospital, Birmingham and carried out her PhD with Professor Richard Wise.  Since that time she has successfully integrated this background with academic research furthering understanding of the mechanisms of antibiotic action and resistance of antibacterial drugs.

Her current research focuses on understanding mechanisms of antibiotic resistance as a basis for drug discovery and includes (1) multidrug efflux (pumping out of the bacterial cell) and regulation (switching on and off) of multidrug efflux pumps,  and (2) furthering understanding of the mechanism of transfer of plasmids (mobile genetic elements) between bacteria.  She also has an international track record in working on bacteria isolated from animals and humans, particularly those transmitted through the food chain.  She has been an expert advisor to the World Health Organisation on antibiotic resistance and a member of the UK Food Standards Agency Advisory Committee on the Microbiology Safety of Food.

Laura is also Director of Antibiotic Action– a global initiative designed to inform and educate all about the need for discovery, research and development of new treatments for bacterial infections as well as appropriate use (  She has been awarded a Chair in Public Engagement from the British Society in Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.  These activities have resulted in significant recent interactions with politicians, policy makers, industry, the media and general public and allowed her to engage with broad audiences and explain issues including the use of antibiotics in animals.