Explore the mind in person or online!

Psychology in Action returns this autumn in London, plus a brand new live stream online!

Have you ever thought about what happens when we experience the thrill of a rollercoaster, or why people seek out that feeling? Thrill Engineer Brendan Walker is here to explore the psychology of thrills. We’ll also explore why we’re wrong about almost everything, and the impact this has on public policy with Bobby Duffy. Gina Rippon will discuss the gender of the brain, and Matt Pritchard will explore how magicians use psychology to pull of amazing tricks.

With Ginny Smith returning to talk about memory and a special session on Exam Success, students will leave fully equipped with the tools they need to fulfil their potential when exams return in 2022!

For more information and to book tickets, see Psychology in Action in London and live online on Friday 10th December.